The amount of space needed depends on which bar you choose.  We need at least 3 ft of working space behind the bar.  We should be located near proper power sources.

A customary one third of the total is required to reserve our services for your date.

As soon as possible.  Although we are able to service more than one event per evening, your date or your choice of bar and/or equipment may already be booked.

Pricing is dependent on many factors and we are able to offer special package pricing when 2 or more services are booked.

We offer after dinner service to 11:30 pm for traditional weddings.

Yes.  Out of town fees apply.

We provide everything including all wares, baristi, product etc.

Usually multiple 110 V plugs on different circuits.  Our larger equipment requires 220 V/50Amp power.

Dependent on the services and size of your event.

We have been in business since 2005.

Our passion and commitment to bringing together and offering great service, product and personality.  We offer the area’s most unique, authentic and true espresso as seen in its abundant crema and distinctive taste and aroma.  Our unique bars are custom designed and built.  They are heavy and solid and attractive and make an impressive statement at every event that we cater.  We are trained in Italy, speak multiple languages and very passionate about what we do and how we do it.